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Helga Schulze
Department for Neuroanatomy
MA 01/43
44780 Bochum
Phone: x49-234 / 322 8002
FAX: x49 234 / 970 59 00
About this website
loris-conservation.org is supposed to provide access via links to the loris and potto conservation database and to other websites relevant for protection of lorises and pottos, research and related topics.

Linking policy
Some links to possibly useful websites are included in this database in a way comparable to quotation of printed literature. Since we have no influence on the content of websites not related to our own work, please do not blame us for information there with which you do not agree.We are not responsible for the availability, contents of other websites or possibly included advertisements, offered products or other contents and refuse to be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for loss or damages caused by use of or reliance on their content, data, offers or services available. Please send information about concerns regarding any external link to e-mail: helga.schulze@loris-conservation.org
We agree to links to our web site in other sites as long as that such link do not improperly indicate an endorsement by or affiliation with our project, or otherwise have an adverse impact on it.

For more details see the impressum of the loris and potto conservation database

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