This page provides a place for information and links to websites related to conservation of Asian lorises and African pottos
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Link to the database Conservation database for lorises (Loris, Nycticebus) and pottos (Arctocebus, Perodicticus), prosimian primates

This multi author database is supposed to contribute to protection of loris and potto populations in the wild, in rescue facilities, to pure breeding of correctly identified stock and adequate care in captivity, and as a general support for researchers and other interested users. It includes information about taxonomy, distribution, differences between described populations, threat, survey methods, captive care, handrearing, diseases and behaviour. The population database includes illustrated information about measuring standards for mammals.

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Information for Loris and potto rescue 
via database index or directly for instance to the following pages in the loris and potto conservation database: 
first aid for lorises and pottos
rescue facilities
captive care
diseases and treatment

Loris rescue in Indonesia 

IAR Indonesia - new rescue facility, news 2008

Jakarta Animal Aid Network

The loris and potto conservation project 
is charitable as a project of 
Quantum Conservation e. V.


    Nocturnal Primate Research Group (NPRG)

Websites of the primate conservation specialists at Oxford Brookes University 
Primate conservation mailing list of the NPRG. Information for students and more 

      Tarsier website: tarsier.org

tarsier.org http://www.tarsier.org/

Promoting conservation of biodiversity through the scientific study of tarsiers

(Tarsiers are no prosimians, but need protection, too)

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